What can you expect on the day of your appointment?

If this will be our first time meeting you, there are some forms that you will be required to fill out when checking in and prior to being seen by our physicians.

To save time, it is recommended that you fill these forms out ahead of time if possible. The forms can be found here on this website by clicking on the Patient Forms button.

During your time with our physicians you should feel free to express any concerns and ask any questions you may have at that time. Typically, after talking with you, our physicians will usually perform a focused exam.

In addition, they may also choose to perform additional test and/ or small procedure with a scope that looks inside the bladder. We realize that your time is valuable and rather than having you return on another day, Dr. Rainwater and his staff work hard to try and save you the hassle of an additional appointments.

At the end of your appointment, our physicians will discuss with you, what if any, further plan(s) will be needed.

Things to Consider before coming:

Please remember to bring your most updated Insurance information with you, especially, if it is different than the last time you came to the office. Unfortunately, many test and procedures need to be pre-approved by your insurance before seeing the doctor (trust us, we hate it as much as you do).
There are 2 different parts of the Valley Urology office:
  • Suite 101
  • Suite 102
The two Suites have separate waiting rooms, however, as the office is very busy and seating can be limited. We please ask that if you decide to have someone at the appointment that you limit it to only those that are absolutely necessary.


We, here, at Valley Urology work hard to provide healthcare to all patients of the Valley.  To that end, Valley Urology is the ONLY private Urology office in the entire San Joaquin Valley that is accepting both Private and Medi-cal insurance at this time. We feel that everyone deserves the best care and it is for this reason we continue to accept all insurances.

Because of the need, we routinely have a very busy clinic,  often seeing more patients on average than other offices. It is true, we could schedule less patients every day, however, in many cases that would result is patients having to wait 6 months or more to be seen and we do not feel that is appropriate either.

Being a Surgical speciality there are times when emergencies occur or other unexpected delays can occur. We apologize if we fall behind and you have to wait longer than expected. Of note, there are typically 2 or 3 practitioners seeing patients in this office everyday. So the order that patients arrive and when they are taken to see the doctor are often based on which physician they are seeing and if any special equipment will be needed during your evaluation.

But rest assure that the physicians in this office, work very hard, to see every scheduled patient that day. Regardless, of how long it takes.

We know your time is just as valuable as ours and we appreciate your patience.